Anglo-Mysore War | UPSC

  • 1st Anglo-Mysore War(1766-1769)
    • Hyder Ali Won.
    • Treaty of Madras
    • Humiliating treaty for East India Company
  • 2nd Anglo-Mysore War(1780-1784)
    • Haider Ali died due to Canceer
    • Tipu(Son of Haider Ali) comes to power
    • Treaty of Mangalore(March 1784)
    • Peace & Status Quo
    • Both sides signed a peace treaty
  • 3rd Anglo-Mysore War(1790-1792)
    • 3 Alliance(EIC + Marathas + Nizam) vs Tipu
    • Tipu lost at Seringapatnam(Capital of Mysore)
    • Treaty of Seringpatnam(March 1992)
    • Half Territory to be ceded to 3 alliance
    • War indemnity 3 crore
    • Children of Tipu taken into custody by Cornwallis
    • Humiliated Defeat for Tipu
  • 4th Anglo-Mysore War(May 1799)
    • Fall of Seringpatnam
    • Tipu died
    • Territories divided

It is far better to live like a lion for a day than to live like a jackal for hundred years.

-By Tipu Sultan

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