ICMR - Indian Council of Medical Research | UPSC

  • ICMR is a primary agency for the development, organization and encouragement of biomedical research in India.
  • It is Govt-funded.
  • India is one of the earliest scientific research organizations in the world, through the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.
  • Its headquarters is located in New Delhi, India.
  • In 1911, the Indian government founded the IRFA (Indian Research Fund Association) with the particular purpose of promoting and coordinating clinical research in the country.
  • A few significant changes were made in the IRFA organization and its operations since independence.
  • The ICMR was established in 1949, significantly widening the scope of its activities.


  • Translating work into practice to boost people’s health.
  • The development, management and distribution of information.
  • To concentrate on work on health problems among vulnerable and deprived parts of the community.
  • Adopting and promoting the use of modern biology tools to tackle country health issues.
  • Promote creativity in diagnostics, care, vaccinations and other disease prevention methods.

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