Main Sources of Indian Constitution

  • USA - Fundamental rights, Independent judiciary, Judicial review, Impeachment of President, Removal of supreme court judges, Vice presidential post.
  • Ireland - Directive Principles of State Policy, Nomination of members to Rajya Sabha, Electoral office and method of election of the President.
  • Germany - Suspension of FRs during Emergency.
  • Canada - Distribution of legislative powers between the center and states (strong center), Mode of appointment of Governor
  • UK - Parliamentary form of govt, Rule of law, Legislation procedures, Single citizenship, Bicameralism.
  • Russian Revolution - Idea of Justice social, economic and political.
  • French Revolution - Republic &Trinity of Ideal of Liberty, Equality and fraternity.
  • GoI Act 1935 - Federal scheme, Office of Governor, Judiciary, Public service commission, Emergency, Administrative details.
  • South Africa - Amendment to the Constitution, Election of members of RS.
  • Australia - Concurrent List, Freedom of trade and commerce, Joint sitting.

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