New National Education Policy 2020

  • The National Education Policy 2020, which was approved by the Union Cabinet of India on 29 July 2020, outlines the vision of India's new education system.
  • The new policy replaces the previous National Policy on Education, 1986.
  • The policy is a comprehensive framework for elementary education to higher education as well as vocational training in both rural and urban India.
  • The policy aims to transform India's education system by 2021.
  • This policy will usher in sweeping changes to the education policy of the country, including a renaming of the Ministry of Human Resource Development as the Education Ministry.


  • The NEP 2020 replaces the National Policy on Education of 1986.
  • The very first policy for education was promulgated in 1968 with the second one following in 1986.
  • NEP 2020 is the 21st Century’s first education policy in India.
  • The Ministry of Human Resource Development formed a Committee chaired by Dr K. Kasturirangan for preparing the National Education Policy. The Committee was constituted in June 2017. The Committee submitted its report on May 31, 2019.
  • The "10 + 2" structure will be replaced with "5+3+3+4" model.
  • It proposes a 4-year multi-disciplinary bachelor's degree in an undergraduate programme with multiple exit options. These will include professional and vocational areas and will be implemented as follows:
    • A certificate after completing 1 year of study
    • A diploma after completing 2 years of study
    • A Bachelor's degree after completion of a 3-year programme
    • A 4-year multidisciplinary Bachelor's degree (the preferred option)
  • M.Phil (Masters of Philosophy) courses are to be discontinued to align degree education with how it is in Western models.

Note : Education in India is a Concurrent List subject.

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