Some Interesting facts in 12-10-2021 CA

  • India is a signatory to the establishment of UNESCO Global Geo-parks.
  • There is not a single geo-park in India that is recognised by UNESCO.
  • India does not have any specific legislation and policy for the conservation of geological sites.
  • Article-21, 23, 24, 39(e), 42, 47 related to health and some additional provisions given in the 11th & 12th schedule related to health which comes under DPSP's
  • India shares 3 types of borders with Pakistan -
    • International Border(Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Punjab)
    • Line of Control(J&K and Ladakh) with PoK(Pak occupied Kashmir)
    • Actual Ground Position Line(NJ9842 to Indra Col)

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