Something Begins With Doing!!

Everyone has something, but not everyone uses it..... ''SOMETHING" belong to our inner voice which means our Talent.

In this world, people belong to three categories:

  1. Who has talent – (Everyone has)
  2. Who knows they have talent. – (Some of us know)
  3. Who actually use their talent – (Only a few qualify here)

When we are young and finishing our education, we know what makes us alive. We believe in our dreams. We know our specialties. Often we forget our talent when we choose our profession based merely on our educational qualifications and certifications. We neglect our interests and specialization and our talent starts vanishing.  

                       "Without perseverance talent is a barren bed"  ~ Weish Poverb

Everyone has Talent:

Everyone is born with the potential to do extraordinary in life. Unfortunately, we settled for ordinary. When someone asks what our talent is, we think for a while and say that we do not have any talent.

“Everybody has talent, it’s just a matter of moving around until you’ve discovered what it is.” ~ George Lucas

In most cases, we have never tried to explore our talent. Everyone is unique in one way or other. Even if you examine a person with disabilities, you will find something special within him. Therefore, Never ever, doubt your existence in this world.

“We are not in a position in which we have nothing to work with. We already have capacities, talents, direction, missions, callings.” ~ Abraham H. Maslow

Sometimes we simply forget it. Do you remember when you buy some festival stuff to decorate your home? You use it for a few days and then keep it in the store to use later. Many years later when you are cleaning your home, you eventually find your stuff. Then you realize that you almost forget it.

If you do not use things for a while, you certainly forget about them. The same happens with talent. Do you forget something that was your specialty once? Let us see how to find the gift that nature gave us.

Identify your Talent:

As Buddha said, “Everyone is gifted here, but some of us never opened their package”. Have you opened your package?

Where can you find your talent? You can find it in your hobbies. You may be born with some natural gift. You can find your talent in the skills acquired during education. It may be in the form of writing, speaking, programming, designing, painting, singing, or managing employees or customer. It may be decorating the home or cooking. It could be anything.

Sometimes we simply ignore our talent because it seems an ordinary thing to us. For example as a homemaker, you prepare food for your family. You know that you cook well and you like it. Therefore, you might be asking yourself, “How can it be a talent? This is my regular work and every homemaker like me is doing it.”

There should be no question of talent as big, small, or ordinary talent. A talent is a talent. If anyone asks you, what your talent is? Say it proudly, “I can cook well”. If you appreciate your talent, you give it a new direction to evolve. You never know where it may take you in your life.

“With ordinary talents and extraordinary perseverance, all things are attainable.” ~ Sir Thomas Fowell Buxton

If you have finished your education and do not yet know your talent, you are getting too late. If you are doing business or pursuing a job and do not know your talent, you are fooling yourself. One-third of your life already passed and you do not know what you really want to do in this world.

Do not wait too long. Trust your instinct and follow your heart. Identify one and trust it. You can always sharpen your talent by learning the required skills later.

Use your talent:

It is Showtime now; use your talent. Once you identify your calling of heart, do not sit idle. Do not hold your talent waiting for the perfect time or more opportunities. As Ivan Panin said, “Not he deserves the praise that has talents, but he that uses them.”

Talent will not work if you do not. It will not inspire you if you do not take any action about it. The joy is not in dreaming about your talent, but in using that talent. Use your talent. Take the first step and explore the dimensions.

“Everyone has talent. Little know it and a few use it. That is where greatness differs.” ~ Deepak Rajpal

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